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Douglas Fir has become a “go to” species in various fields of construction because of its extreme stability and durability in both interior and exterior applications. Douglas Fir is famous for its ability to handle the harshest environments, and its attractive surface takes finishes with exceptional ease. Douglas Fir is a dependable softwood species that has become the industry standard for timber framing.

Inquire about Our Extensive Fir Timber Inventory

Douglas Fir Timbers are a specialty of the J. Gibson McIlvain Company, and you can find an extensive inventory of these timbers at our lumberyards in Maryland and Connecticut. Fir timbers have a superior strength-to-weight ratio which allows them to support massive loads in building construction. Yet their attractive, rustic appearance also makes them a popular choice for custom pergolas, trellis work and other exterior structures.

Additional Douglas Fir Products Also in Stock

In addition to timbers, J. Gibson McIlvain Company now stocks a full line of Douglas Fir products. These products include rough lumber, S4S (surface on 4 sides), and patterns. With boards available in lengths of up to 40 feet and dimensions of up to 36×36, the possibilities for applications for Douglas Fir timbers are endless. We carry S4S and Bandsawn in both #1 Appearance Grade and Select Structural grades. These products are a great option for exterior siding, flooring, and panelling in more rustic buildings.

We stock the following Douglas Fir items:

  • 4/4 – 16/4 Clear Vertical Grain (CVG) Douglas Fir Kiln Dried (KD) Rough 4”-12” wide x 8’-20’
  • 1×4-12 C&Btr surface on 4 sides (S4S), CVG & Mixed Grain (MG)
  • 2×4-2×12 C&Btr S4S, CVG & MG
  • 4×4 & 6×6 C&Btr MG S4S Posts
  • 5/8×4 & 6 CVG and MG Fir Ceiling
  • 1×4 Tongue and Grooved Porch Flooring CVG and C&Btr MG
  • Many other patterns available upon request.
  • Timbers
  • Stock Sizes
  • Sizes up to 36"×36"×40' available upon request.
  • Grades #1 Appearance & Select Structural
  • S4S or Bandsawn.
  • KD or Green.

Douglas Fir Timbers from Certified Mills in Canada & the US

J. Gibson McIlvain maintains close relationships with its mills in British Columbia, Canada and the western United States. By visiting these facilities throughout the year, we are able to ensure a continuous supply of quality product. The majority of our mills are certified by SFI, PEFC, or FSC to guarantee our products are harvested in a sustainable manner.

For more information on the numerous applications of Douglas Fir lumber, please call us at 1-800-638-9100 to speak to a J. Gibson McIlvain representative. Or you can also submit our online contact form.

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